Say hello to Ecrit

As I wrote in July 2017, I'm back in business, which means I'll take the longest time possible to finish and release an app.

So after almost 7 years in development, I'm glad to present to you Ecrit.

Ecrit is a minimalist Markdown editor specifically build and design for Windows 11.

Ecrit main screen

The purpose of Ecrit is to help you focus on your thoughts, no fancy UI, features etc, only the minimum needed to write.

You can obviously preview your Markdown text right into the app.

Ecrit main screen 2

As a bit of history, I started working on it at the beginning of the Windows 10 era, at first it was a UWP application, and it was as much as possible integrated into Windows 10. Fast forward 7 years and we are now using Windows 11, and UWP seems to "fade away" and Microsoft is pushing for the Windows App SDK (WASDK).

So sometimes around the end of last year, I started porting it from UWP to WASDK, fortunately most of it worked out of the box, but not everything and I had to remove some stuff, mostly because I wanted to have the app in a releasable enough state. I could always add those features back later.

Anyway, it's now out, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

You can follow me on Twitter (X if you prefer) @StrAbZ, or mastodon @basile.

And do not hesitate to make some feedbacks!