Introducing Games!

It is not every day you release an app on the AppStore, and even less on your birthday!

So let me introduce you to Games.

Games iphone library

As you may know I have a quite large collection of video games, and I wanted a way to manage it easily from my phone. So a few years back I started working on a small app that will allow me do to exactly that.

Between my family, work, and life I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, so I started in september 2017, and used it personnaly since then, adding small features from times to times when I needed something.

Games ipad library

In September of 2021, after 4 years, I thought that it could be a good idea to allow others to be able to use it, and thought about finally releasing it to the world. As you can see we are in March, which means it took me 6 more months to cleanup everything and finalize what I left on the side.1

Games ipad charts

And, here we are, you can now enjoy it for yourself.

All of the data are provided by TheGamesDB, so if you don’t find a game or some data are missing, you can go there, create an account and help the community by providing more information.

Here are some key features:

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  1. Obviously since I was using it personally it was fine letting some stuff unfinished, it is not quite the same when you want to put it in the hands of other peoples.