Leaving Paris

Tomorrow (Friday) will be my last day living in Paris.

I’ve lived many lifes and did many things here, to name a few, student, intern, in a relationship, employee, husband, freelance, father, moved 3 times, made new friends, meet new people, been drunk, stolen, bought a bike, met Roland, released an App, been to Epita, been to the WWDC, ran naked around the Place du Chatelet, travelled, discovered the Babka, worked for many great companies, saw friends have kids, lose a brother, tried a Twizzy, slept in the subway, ate junk food early in the morning, woke at 5pm on sundays, seen 3 movies in a row in the theatre, had sushis and burgers for my wedding, met Aylan, met Ilyas, met Mayssane and loved (still) Malak. 1

So after 16 years, it is time to move. New adventures await.

  1. Also, when I moved to Paris, many thought I wouldn’t adapt, to many people, to much noise, to many many.