Tatakon time

As I said on twitter, I really like the Taiko no Tatsujin serie. I only played the PSP version before buying the Nintendo Switch one, but it stuck on me. I think playing the Donkey Konga1 👏 serie on GameCube helped a lot.

Also, having lot less time to play video game than before, I kind of enjoy more quick and challenging play, therefor arcade game type works well for me these days, and Taiko does not disappoint.

I didn’t try playing with the Tatakon, mostly because I play at night, and it can make a lot of noise, I just don’t wan’t to wake up everybody. That’s for me the big difference with Donkey Konga. If I remember well, we could just « touch » the kongas and it would register the input, so you could used it at night without bothering your family2. On the contrary, for what I tried, you really need to hit the Tatakon for it to accept input, when I just tried to touch it softly I was getting « Bad » scores.

The track list, is just as good as I remember. Maybe it could be great to have a bit more international titles, but that is not something that prevents me from playling. It helps discover a kind of music I don’t listen to, or rediscover songs in another language, like How far I’ll go 3, from Disney’s Moana. As expected, some of the tracks are just incredibly hard, and I’m not sure I will be able to finish them some days. Just take a look at the video to understand what I mean.

  1. It has been developed by Namco, which are at the origin of the Taiko series. 

  2. Except for the handclaping, but you could tap the kongas on the side to produce the same effect. 

  3. Here is the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPAbx5kgCJo