Windows 10 Mobile really needs work

I've just spent my first week with the last Microsoft flagship smartphone, the Lumia 950, which runs Windows 10 Mobile, and there is already stuff I think are not acceptable for a retail OS.

First, I'm a Windows Phone owner since the release of the Lumia 800 back in 2011 (fr), which was running Windows Phone 7.5, at the time the OS was good but was already behind iOS, and I think it never caught up. Even with the Windows Phone 8 "reboot" it was still behind.

Microsoft still cannot release a mobile operating system to all its devices in time. They already messed up with Windows Phone 8 (fr), and they continue now. When Apple releases a new phone, say an iPhone 6S running iOS 9, they give us the release date of the phone and the OS, and all compatible phones gets the update the day of the release. Microsoft announced the Lumia 950 on October 6, without giving us any release date, the phone was release on November 20 (27 in France), and we don't know yet when Windows 10 Mobile will be available on "old" phones.

I know Microsoft is planning to update the OS as often as possible instead of releasing big updates every few years, so stability should really improve over time, and we should have new features more regularly, but for me, at this time, Windows 10 Mobile needs works.

Here is a quick list of issues I had during this first week:

They will be more, the more I use it the more I found, losing features and stability on a phone that cost 599€ is not acceptable.

I'm still a fan of the Microsoft mobile operating system, and I think for regular users some of my problems won't be noticeable, but I really expect more, so I'm really looking forward for new Windows 10 Mobile updates.