Moving to OneDrive for my pictures storage

There is around 30GB of pictures on my computer right now. Unfortunately they are only available locally on my Mac. I also, like everyone, take a lot of pictures with my phone, pictures which are automatically uploaded to my OneDrive account. My phone have around 16GB of space, and most of it is for pictures (I have already emptied it two times).

So I was really in need of a unified solution to store and view my pictures.

But for this to work I have some constraints:

I thought about using my NAS for that, but local sync was not as good as cloud services, and it is impossible to see them on my Windows Phone.

I also have a Dropbox account with 9GB available, but is it really two small.

Then I thought about my almost unused OneDrive account. It already has 15GB of storage for free, plus 15GB because I activated the auto upload of my Camera Roll, and also 10 more GB because of early adoption when they migrated SkyDrive to OneDrive. I also applied to Microsoft Bing Rewards Giveaway, and I now have 140GB available. And best of all it already has all my Camera Roll pictures!

So once I will have uploaded all my existing pictures, I will still have 100GB available, enough to store the next decades of pictures (may be less, if I continue to take hundreds of pictures of my kid every day :)). I also have access to them from everywhere with any browser and from my phone.

The last part was the backup, right now it is still not the perfect solution. First they are "backed up" on OneDrive, second I have a local copy on my Mac which is itself backed up with Time Machine, third, my OneDrive pictures folder is Sync to my NAS. Leaving me with at least 4 copies of all my pictures.